Winchester Massage Therapy


When you have your first treatment, please allow an extra 15 minutes to fill in a consultation form. This has been designed to identify the best course of treatment for you and identifies whether you might have any contraindications. All information is kept totally confidential. Future consultations will only require that you confirm any changes.

Winchester Massage Therapy Treatments

Sports or remedial massage can be quite intense, combining several different techniques such as stretching and trigger points, as well as traditional massage methods – not always comfortable and not always immediately relaxing! It does, however, have excellent and sometimes very speedy results.

Treatment may also include assessments such as posture, gait and range of movement testing. This is in order to get the best and fullest picture of any problem and to work out a treatment and/or rehabilitation plan to suit each individual.

After your massage

To download our advice leaflet this link:

After Care Advice


Back massage


Shoulder massage

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